The Neurosurgeon

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce the upcoming publication of my first book in translation. The Neurosurgeon by Cuban author Michel Estrada will be published by Floricanto Press in October 2020.

Cuban author Michel Estrada, from the countryside of Pinar del Rio, has a tremendous imagination and strong determination. Despite admittedly being an academic “disaster” in his formative years as a student who struggled with arts and letters—gravitating instead towards mathematics and computer technology at Havana University—he has become quite a prolific author. After becoming disappointed with his chosen path, he decided to expand his limited transnational cultural awareness beyond the boundaries of the island nation and spread the tentacles of his imagination through literature. His quixotic literary odyssey began as he feasted on a delicious array of the world’s most memorable works of fiction. Inspired with what he encountered; he began to write. His first three novels did not satisfy the expectations of publishers in Cuba. They told him he still had much to learn. Nevertheless, Estrada remained undaunted and kept writing. After six novels and many rejections abroad, Latina Instinct became his first international success. He has since written a movie script. His latest novel, The Neurosurgeon, is a testament to the power of an imaginative desire which materializes through diligence and perseverance. Estrada’s narratives not only stimulate the mind’s ear, but its visual cortex as well.

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